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OUR Lottery Facts

RNG, Random Number Generator, is a subjective system and skews the results - slightly.
A Ball Selection System is an objective system and does not skew the numbers.
RNG systems can be programmed to preselect, eliminate numbers or eliminate lists of numbers?
Why are the draws not Balls and Live, in a Public Window and Streamed across the Internet?
RNG is a program - conceived, programmed, operated and maintained by humans!

More facts and Analysis.

When I look at the last 100 LottoMAX draws, ending May 31, 2024, it has 17 draws starting with a 1 and only 12 draws ending in a 50. That's indicative of the skewing I mentioned. In 33 of those 100 sets the first numbers are 1 and 2 but the last numbers are 48, 49 and 50. Another indicator of skewing.

The system could also be drawing only whole integers of 1 to 50 but still, somewhere in the architecture the computer is rounding out the numbers. A SUBJECTIVE approach versus an OBJECTIVE approach using a Ball Drawing System. In subjective you have to interpret (massage) to get facts in objective the result without interpretation is the fact..

They MAY BE drawing from 0 to 49 and rounding up. That way anything from 0.00000 to 1.499999 would round to 1 but only from 49.500000 to 49.999999 would round up to 50. That's the easy and logical explanation and all the more reason to go back to the old system of balls, in the window and streamed live across the internet. The system could be doing that very thing if only an integer is requested. in the programming

Look below at the Graphic of 20 winning combinations, 17 months - the elephant in the room will jump out at you!

INTEGRITY builds trust into a system - DON't GET SKEWED!